What everyone has been waiting for -
one click invoice payments

DuePay makes invoice payments super simple

Schedule payment of invoices as you receive them

DuePay combines the step of receiving an invoice with paying the invoice

Everyone benef its - the payee and payer spends less time and effort on paying invoices

Never wait for payment again by sending your bank details to the payee in the hope that they will pay you

Why DuePay?


Make payments for invoices where you see the "Pay now with DuePay"

Pay now withlogo

logo Most people dislike the hasstle involved in paying an invoice. You have to sign in to your bank, register the beneficiary, capture the beneficiary's details, use the correct reference for the specific invoice and send the proof of payment

logo With DuePay you capture your bank details once and never again

logo The next time you receive an incoice you pay it with one click when you are happy with the invoice

logo DuePay helps you spend less time and effort on making payments because all that is required is a simple approval.

logo DuePay gives you control while saving you time.


Seasmlessly integrate DuePay into Xero and have DuePay manage payments for due invoices.


logo Easier payments leads to more payments - on time

logo DuePay adds a "Pay Now with DuePay" button to your Xero invoices making it easier for your customers to pay you.

logo DuePay removes the hasstle from payments for your customers by combining the invoice receipt and payment process - one click payments

logo Never send your private bank details out again.

logo DuePay updates Xero making reconcilation super simple

How DuePay works

Making a Payment

As a user, making a payment for an invoice is easy:


Your receive an invoice!

Click on "Pay with DuePay"


First time user? Register with DuePay and securely capture your banking details

Registered before? Simply approve the payment if you are happy with the invoice


Authorise invoices due


DuePay collects the money through a secure DebiCheck debit order transaction


DuePay settles payment for invoices and updates Xero for super simple reconciliation


DuePay is a Fintech company that takes the hastle out of paying invoices

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